Our features

Autorose helps you to get to know your car better and maintain it more easily

Car Health

Know how your car is performing; anytime, anywhere

Predictive Maintenance

Our algorithms notify you what needs doing - before it causes a problem

Remote Diagnostics

Partner garages can diagnose issues before they happen

Drive Safer

We analyse your driving behavior to help you drive safely and efficiently

Fuel Economy

Save fuel and reduce emissions by managing your vehicle better

Engine Alerts

Autorose explains what error triggered the check engine light and why

Why use Autorose?

Autorose helps you track the state of your car so you can avoid those pesky unexpected maintenance costs. It works by using your car's own data to predict problems in real time.

  • Reliable and Secure Platform.
  • Live data feed, showing you key parameters in real time.
  • Remote diagnostics notify you of possible issues with your car before they happen.
  • History of issues and repairs

Our mission

AutoRose provides the missing link between cars, drivers and mechanics. Autorose tracks your driving style and vehicle health so you know exactly what needs servicing and when. No more unexpected and costly repairs.

We partner with selected garages to help mechanics improve their business efficiency, allowing them to pass the savings on to you whilst providing an unprecedented tailored service. AutoRose is the road to a superior automotive industry.

Autorose is a portfolio company of EcoMachines Ventures.

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